Dead Rooster Featured on CNN

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  1. AmyOopsNo Gravatar says:

    wow, you where all over cnn! I even got to see myself on your blogroll.
    Very Cool!

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  2. @AmyOops,

    Thanks! It was very exciting. I happened to watch it live this morning hoping to see someone I knew on there–I never dreamed I would see my own blog. What a gigantic surprise! 🙂

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  3. That was so exciting I was telling my neighbor and he doesn’t even speak ENGLISH

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  4. @John,

    Tell your neighbor to visit my blog–I don’t WRITE English either!

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  5. paisleyNo Gravatar says:

    bra-fucking-o, man… who you sleepin’ with?????

    i posted a poem, called olive tree on the subject of muslim honor killings….

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  6. @paisley,

    LOL! Apparently, someone important!

    Your poem is sad, sickening, and beautiful

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